Our mission is to achieve a quick, mutually-beneficial transaction

  • We are the only source of capital - there are no Limited Partners
  • We have a senior credit line available - we do not use SBA debt 
  • Our experienced team efficiently evaluates opportunities and due diligence
  • We get to an offer or a "no" quickly, always communicate honestly and directly

We are the perfect partner for a retiring seller

  • Our operating partner will assume leadership immediately
  • We are comfortable with transitions as short as three months
  • We can be creative to help the seller achieve all their objectives
  • We focus on retaining all employees and protecting customer, supplier and community relationships

Our sweet spot

  • Prefer sellers who want to retire or transition out
  • Focus more on finding good businesses, less on specific industries
  • EBITDA or pre-tax profit between $750,000 and $4,000,000
  • History of sustained profitability
  • We prefer to avoid early-stage, rapid growth, technology, life sciences and real estate development-related opportunities 

We provide capital and support, they provide day-to-day management

Katie Burton Headshot.jpg

Katherine Burton

Cardinal Bridge LLC

  • Focused on Business Services opportunities across the United States

  • Accounting and IT team leadership in the Oil & Gas industry and at PNC Bank

  • MBA, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

  • BS, Health Services, Allied Health & Health Sciences, Texas A&M Univ.


Robbie Sutkay

Flagstone heritage llc

  • Focused on acquiring a business in North Carolina, Southern Virginia or Northern South Carolina

  • Medical device sales and accounts management, Abbot and St. Jude Medical

  • MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

  • MS, Design Innovation, Northwestern University

  • BS, Biomedical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis

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APhillips Headshot.jpg
Darden Headshot.jpg
John Strenkowski Headshot.jpg

Nick Contag

Hanlon Acoustical Ceilings Co. LLC, President

  • Acquired Hanlon Acoustical in January 2016

  • Established Halstatt Partnership in January 2015

  • MBA, Harvard Business School

  • BA, Economics & Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences, Northwestern University


Ayo Phillips


  • Acquired Perfect Surface in July 2017

  • Established Halstatt partnership in August 2015

  • BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Akron

  • MS, Engineering Management, Northwestern University

  • MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


Jordan Scheiman

RedRock Financial llc, President

  • Acquired RedRock Financial in July 2017

  • Established Halstatt partnership in August 2016

  • MBA, Darden School of Business, Univ. of Virginia

  • BA, Economics & Finance, University of Illinois


John Strenkowski

Satterfield paving co. llc, President

  • Acquired Satterfield Paving in February 2018

  • Established Halstatt partnership in February 2016

  • MBA, Harvard Business School

  • BS, Business, University of North Carolina