How did Halstatt Legacy Partners get involved in Entrepreneurship through Acquisition?

Halstatt Legacy Partners is the result of Halstatt's interest in the following:

  • Continuing its prior success in direct private equity investment

  • Moving down-market where valuations are more compelling

  • Forming long-term partnerships, defined by aligned incentives, with exceptional, young entrepreneurs

  • Maintaining the integrity of that partnership by limiting it to the entrepreneur and Halstatt

  • Protecting communities through the economic benefits of small business success

  • Generating investment returns through long-term ownership and profit distributions, not liquidation events

Shannon Jones and Halstatt's leadership aligned around these interests to devise an investment model.  We were inspired by Entrepreneurship through Acquisition and studied the good and bad from its many forms (search funds, incubators, self-funded, etc.).  We chose to keep the tenets, or devise new ones, that are consistent with our philosophies for partnership, entrepreneurial risk-taking and investing.