What does HLP look for in an entrepreneur partner?

We are looking for exceptional people with whom we can be proud to be associated for a long time. Our partners tend to be the following:

  • Gifted communicators, skilled in writing, speaking and listening

  • Empathy. They are in the habit of trying to understand first, and influence or manage second.

  • Persuasive and skilled at building relationships 

  • Reasoned decision-makers who seek information and opinions to inform themselves

  • Willing to candidly discuss mistakes, evaluate how they happened and take steps to prevent them from recurring (they've all made mistakes too... sometimes big ones)

  • Humble. They don't think they know everything, or that they're the smartest person in the room.  They don't regard any job or person as beneath them.  They're never embarrassed to ask a dumb question, and they are not shy about asking for help.

  • Extremely self-aware.  They have a fully-formulated reason for pursuing entrepreneurship, which has been vetted by their spouse or partner, broader family, mentors and anyone else who's opinion matters to them.

  • Biased toward action.  Yes, they’re thoughtful, but when the time comes, they move forward with a decision in the absence of perfect information or a perfect process.