How does the HLP model work?

  • We provide 100% of the capital required to support a 2-year acquisition search, and 100% of the equity required to close the transaction.

  • We have an acquisitions finance credit facility in place, which means the debt for our transactions is in place before we find the company. Our debt requires no guarantees from our partner.

  • We offer training and support before the search, during the search, to close the deal and in on-going operation of the acquired company, including the following:

Before the Search

  • We help our partner develop market positioning strategy and all associated materials, including website, email copy, snail mail copy, call scripts, etc...

  • We conduct mock calls to practice broker and seller communications and asking the right questions to evaluate opportunities efficiently

  • We plug our partner into our central CRM, mail merge, Axial and other software tools

  • We help our partner select office space and recruit interns

  • We introduce our partner to business owners we know from prior searches, both as final pre-launch practice and as a source of deal flow

During the Search

  • For pressing issues, we communicate daily via Slack (phone or text are also options)

  • We hold a standing weekly video call with each partner to discuss opportunity pipelines and to evaluate strategy for promising opportunities

  • HLP manages the brokered deal funnel, qualifying the companies and sellers, and then hands deals to our partner when they are confirmed relevant

  • We will speak to sellers, intermediaries or anyone else our partners request. We've found that a call with us can assuage fears about our partner's ability to close and enhance the counter-party's perception of legitimacy.

  • We will travel to meet sellers, or anyone else our partners request, if they believe doing so will improve the odds of closing.

Closing an Acquisition

  • We will assist in, or complete, the valuation of potential acquisitions

  • We will advise on negotiation strategy.

  • If requested by our partner, we will sit with them at the table during the negotiation. It's important to note that we don't negotiate. It's important that only the partner and seller (or intermediary) negotiate. We will play a well-defined role, and will offer suggestions on how to define it, but it's never our negotiation.

  • After LOI, we will assist the partner in due diligence material review, and coordinating work from our attorneys, accountants and other service providers.

  • We use the same deal team for all our deals, which helps control costs, and increases speed to close.

  • We will walk our partner through the process to prepare, negotiate and lock all deal documents and ultimately close the deal.

  • We help our partner with post-close planning. What do you say, when do you say it, how do you manage the seller to help you transition and learn, etc.

On-Going Operations

  • We help our partner through the first days, weeks and months of transition. Sometimes that's just phone calls and reassurance, sometimes that's showing up on-site and digging in. We'll do whatever they need.

  • We build a board of directors around our partner, to help support the business and them as emerging leaders.

  • We will do special projects on an on-going basis. We've learned this can be helpful because the companies we buy usually lack management with the time or training to do them.