The Role

Your job is to do whatever it takes, and to martial whatever resources are required, to help your partners to find, negotiate, close and operate an amazing company for the long-term.  You will be a mentor, adviser, counselor and coach to your own team of partners.  You will take great pride in helping your partners achieve their existential need to own a company and have great efficacy over its success, and you will measure your own success based on the success your partners enjoy.

The Focus

  • Identify and evaluate your team of entrepreneur partners
  • Personally commit to their achievement of entrepreneurial success 
  • Help new partners learn how to market themselves as buyers and new leaders to business owners
  • Help partners evaluate industries and targets, including valuation and negotiation strategy
  • Sit at the negotiating table to help partners advance the discussion through difficult deal points
  • Shepherd partners through the deal process
  • Assist partners through the often chaotic first year after close, sometimes with on-site participation
  • Provide board-level oversight on an on-going basis

The Details

Cultural Requirements

  • Unimpeachable character
  • Intrinsic motivation and curiosity
  • Supreme team orientation
  • Humility
  • Refuses to shy away from difficult conversations
  • Willingness to risk being wrong
  • Gritty
  • Creative
  • Resourceful; always finds a way


  • MBA and bachelor's degree from competitive schools
  • Entrepreneurial and/or SMB operating experience is essential
  • Prior transactions experience (ibanking, PE, VC) is helpful
  • History of deriving joy from helping others achieve
  • Demonstrated method for evaluating and negotiating emotionally charged outcomes
  • Prior experience managing relationships 
  • Superior written communication skill
  • Superior public speaking communication skill
  • Superior listening and conversation skill, on the phone or in person
  • Thorough understanding of Entrepreneurship through Acquisition
  • Developed understanding of marketing and positioning
  • Prior sales or business development experience is helpful
  • Must be willing to travel 4-5 days per month


  • Base compensation consistent with background and experience
  • Bonus potential tied to overall team performance
  • Relocation and standard benefits provided